969 Designs

Glossy Finish Diamond Cut Engraved Mens Gold Ring - 135-112118
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 44,989

Glossy Sand Balst Finish Diamond Cut Gold Mens Rings - 15HRG1345
Alankar Jewellers

Rs. 19,986

Matte Finish Drop Ball Floral Gold Necklace Sets - 4SE848
Alankar Jewellers

Rs. 96,862

Matte Meenakari Finish Drop Gold Ball Earrings - 51LA1789
Alankar Jewellers

Rs. 12,349

Matte Glossy Finish Embossed Gold Ring - 135-102597
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 20,371

Matte Finish Diamond Cut Engraved Star Drop Gold Ball Necklace Sets - 4SE380
Alankar Jewellers

Rs. 48,610

Glossy Finish Blossom Floal Pendant Set - 77867
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 21,386

Diamond Cut Drop all Rose Long Earring - 142-112842
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 20,409

Glossy Diamond Cut Drop Mutli Layer Gold Ball Earrings - 51LA1796
Alankar Jewellers

Rs. 44,790

Diamond Cut Embossed Floral Drop Earring - 142-100486
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 9,885

Matte Diamond Cut Finish Drop Heart Meenakari Gold Rings - 14RG2073
Alankar Jewellers

Rs. 6,567

Glossy Diamond Cut Dauli Necklace Sets - 4SE693
Alankar Jewellers

Rs. 43,863

Glossy Embossed Curved Leaf Long Gold Rings - 14RG2911
Alankar Jewellers

Rs. 6,032

Glossy Finish Two Tone Diamond Cut Drop Gold Necklace Sets - 4SE386
Alankar Jewellers

Rs. 82,193

Matte Glossy Finish Drop Floral Meenakari Gold Necklace Sets - 4SE705
Alankar Jewellers

Rs. 117,240

Matte Glossy Finish Embossed Floral Gold Rings - 14RG82
Alankar Jewellers

Rs. 9,101

Floral Drop Cluster Diamond Pendant - 50ADPS70
Kothari Jewellers

Rs. 16,120

Diamond Cut Sand Blast Finish Pendant Set - 141-107220
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 20,371

Glossy Gold Ball Drop Multicolour Enamel Beads Tanmania Pendant Sets - 1PS477
Alankar Jewellers

Rs. 15,846

Brush Diamond Cut Drop Ball Hoops Bali Earring - 142-96636
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 13,681

Matte Meenakari Embossed Heart Gold Rings - 14RG2047
Alankar Jewellers

Rs. 9,886

Glossy Brush Finish Drop Cluster Diamond Pendant - 50ADPS51
Kothari Jewellers

Rs. 36,411

Glossy Diamond Cut Gold Ball Dauli Mangal Sutra - 119KL429
Alankar Jewellers

Rs. 23,983

Satin Sand Blast Diamond Cut Drop Pendant Sets - 1PS634
Alankar Jewellers

Rs. 38,617


Do you live in Jabalpur and want to buy pure gold jewellery? Whether you want to shop for the upcoming wedding or gift something, eJOHRI will provide you best jewels studded with gemstones, diamonds and solitaire in your range without compromising on the quality. If you are wondering about the quality then don’t worry as eJOHRI collaborates only with verified retailers who offer quality products and latest designs. Their delivery services are also fast and secure so wherever you are in Jabalpur you will get everything on time without any delay. So shop your wedding jewellery and flaunt your style.

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