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Divine Solitaires

3 Sagun Palace, Near Ras Madhur, Shiv Ranjani Cross Road Satellite Ahmedabad 380015 Gujarat
Ahmedabad | Mumbai

Who We Are?

Divine Solitaires is a mark of excellent craftsmanship, immaculate quality, transparent and true value for money.

With presence in 5 countries and 160+ stores across 84 cities, Divine Solitaires has become a global brand. Our designs mainly focus on classic solitaire styles as we believe every Divine Solitaire has a story that can be shown through our unique craftsmanship.


Why Divine?

1. Lifetime Buyback!

Traditionally, with the passing of time, solitaire prices have always appreciated. If you wish to buyback your solitaire, we offer it at 75% of the prevailing rate. To know more kindly write back to us.

 2. Divine 123 parameters

All our solitaires are checked on 123 parameters that include but not limited to brilliance, fire, scintillation, overtones, fluorescence, and lustre. When a diamond fails to comply with even a single parameter, it does not become a part of our collection. On the contrary, International labs check diamonds across only 40 parameters. The missing parameters can alter the value of a diamond from 20% to 80%.
All our diamonds are pre-certified by reputed 3rd party International laboratories, including GIA and IGI. Furthermore, we issue our own Quality Certificate for each diamond.

 3. (Ex.Ex.Ex.)Plus Cut and 8 Hearts & 8 Arrows!

Ex. Ex. Ex. Stands for “Excellent Cut,” “Excellent Polish,” “Excellent Symmetry”. “Plus” signifying that the diamond has been checked across all 123 parameters.
All our Round Brilliant cut solitaires splendidly display the requisite “8 Hearts” in the face-down position and “8 Arrows” in the face-up position, in perfect symmetry and proportion. A solitaire diamond with “Hearts and Arrows” is not only bigger but also shines with sheer brilliance and unmatched radiance.

4. Laser Inscription

Each of our diamonds has a Unique ID number, which is also marked in the certificate. It is also laser inscribed on the girdle of the diamond, making it unique and identifiable.

5. Natural & ethically sourced diamond

All our diamonds are conflict free and natural which are formed through geologic processes

Our Achievements

    Divine Solitaires has several path-breaking industry firsts to their credit like a Nationwide Standard and Transparent Price List and a Solitaire Price Index to ensure optimum transparency for the end consumer. Apart from a guaranteed buyback on their solitaires, the brand also protects your solitaire against damage and loss with free insurance for one year.

    With a focus on retail expansion, Divine Solitaires has expanded with retail partners in 151 stores in 86 cities across the length and breadth of India. And most importantly they have started supplying to the United Kingdom, Australia & New Zealand. Making a breakthrough, Divine Solitaires launched India’s first diamond assessment mobile application in December last year. 

    Their other USPs which set them apart from other diamond jewellery brands:

    Hearts & Arrows pattern: The most perfectly cut diamonds that show a Hearts & Arrows pattern within form just about 1% of the world’s diamonds. Each diamond at Divine Solitaires is a Hearts & Arrows diamond.

    Ex.Ex.Ex. Plus cut: The brand offers the Ex.Ex.Ex. Plus cut which stands for excellent cut, excellent polish and excellent symmetry, and goes even beyond the excellent cut.