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Today's gold rate per gram (INR)

If you’re looking at buying gold jewellery or you want to invest in the metal, you’ll need to be familiar with the gold rate today.You can find this out by keeping a close eye on the bullion markets. Gold ratesfluctuate frequently, so it’s important to keep yourself adequately updated about the rise and fall in the metal’s prices. Having this information could help you make profitable investment and purchasing decisions. It could also help you make the most of a gold loan, as you will know how much your gold is worth.

Here is the price of gold today for 18 KT, 22KT and 24KT.

Gold rate today in India
Weight 24 carat gold price 22 carat gold price 18 carat gold price 14 carat gold price
1gram 5229 4793 3922 3050

Gold rate for the last 10 days

Fluctuations in currency rates impacts the gold rate today. Hence, you should frequently check gold prices so that you get up-to-date information. Check the below table to find gold prices in India for the past 10 days. This data can help you spot trends in gold prices.

10-day rates for 1g gold in India
Date 24 carat gold price 22 carat gold price 18 carat gold price 14 carat gold price
2022-05-28 5229 4793 3922 3050
2022-05-27 5202 4769 3902 3035
2022-05-26 5226 4791 3920 3049
2022-05-25 5233 4797 3925 3053
2022-05-24 5243 4807 3933 3059
2022-05-23 5405 4954 4054 3153
2022-05-21 5205 4772 3904 3037
2022-05-20 5175 4744 3881 3019
2022-05-19 5150 4721 3863 3004
2022-05-18 5172 4741 3879 3017

Historical price of gold rate

The current gold rate has been stable for the past few months. The table below shows the highs and lows of each month going back to November of last year.

Recent historical gold rates for 1g gold
Month 24 carat gold price 22 carat gold price
Highest Lowest Highest Lowest
May 2022 5483 5132 5026 4705
April 2022 5610 5249 5142 4812
March 2022 5628 5174 5159 4743
February 2022 5353 4890 4907 4482
January 2022 5137 4858 4709 4453
December 2021 5169 4875 4738 4469
November 2021 5245 5027 4808 4608
October 2021 5099 4860 4674 4455
September 2021 5066 4875 4643 4469
August 2021 5091 4898 4667 4490

Historically, gold investmentshave been considered as a ‘golden opportunity’ to increase wealth. When checking gold rates for the past 20 years, you’ll notice a gradual rise in the average price of gold. There is also a sharp increase in the price due to the pandemic.

Gold rates from 2000 for 1g gold
Year Average Price 24 KT
2022 5197.82
2021 5032.20
2020 4997.53
2019 3510.84
2018 3176.90

What is the current trend in gold prices?

Due to the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, the prices of gold were on the rise in May 2021. It seemed that the markets were volatile due to lockdown restrictions implemented in several states. Naturally, investors want to hedge their losses, so the prices of gold rose. In the international market, gold rates hit a peak four months ago. In May, 24 KT gold opened at Rs. 45,160 and closed at Rs. 47,700, which was a gain of 5.6%, nearly 4% higher than that in April. Experts believe that the price of gold today would remain high until the effects of the pandemic reduce. As a matter of fact, the gold rate today is a testament to this prediction.

Gold prices might rise further as many people consider gold as a good investment during times of uncertainty.

GST impact on gold rate

The goods and services tax can influence the market, especially when it comes to commodities like gold. The gold rate today is intricately linked with GST. Taxes are applicable on the supply of this metal as well as the manufacturing of gold jewellery. GST is added when you buy gold coins or bars. Also, when you ask jewellers to make ornaments for you, GST is added, and this leads to gold jewellery being more costly. Additionally, whenever GST increases, there will be a rise in the current gold rate. This in turn effects the demand for gold and the liquidity of this asset.

How to invest in gold?

After seeing the price of gold today you might be interested in purchasing gold. When it comes to buying and selling, you’ll have many options to manage this asset:

  • - Sovereign gold bonds: These are certificates issued against gold which allows you to invest in gold without having to buy physical gold. Bonds can be acquired from banks, post offices, etc.
  • - Gold coins: They are issued by most governments and can be bought from private dealers at a premium.
  • - Jewellery: The simplest investment option, 22 KT jewellery can be bought in different shapes and styles. They can also be used to acquire a gold loan. You can purchase ornaments at your local jewellery shop or a safe online platform like eJOHRI.
  • - Gold ETFs: This is a commodity-based mutual fund that invests in gold in its electronic or dematerialised form.


Gold rate today in India
18KT 22KT 24KT
Purity It contains 75% gold. 25% of it is made of metals and alloys It contains 91.6% gold. The rest of it is a mixture of common metals. It is made of 99.9% gold.
Colour It comes in white, yellow, and rose. Available in white, yellow, and rose. It is a bright yellow metal.
Durability It is the most durable form of gold. It is hard and ductile. Pure gold is very soft and brittle.

Today’s gold prices vary across different regions in India. This can be due to taxes which can differ from state to state. However, eJOHRI offers a standard gold rate across different cities in India.