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Payal Designs at eJOHRI

Anklets, or ‘Payals’ as they are known in India, are an offering from the ancient Egyptian civilization. As the name suggests, these are worn around the ankle. People in that period lived symbolically through the way they presented themselves, and so anklets weren’t mere ornaments, they carried a deeper meaning.

Women have worn anklets since centuries as a symbol of commitment, loyalty and pride towards their spouse. However, today they mean more, they’re a fashion statement. The payal design you choose to tie around your ankle says something about your preference in lifestyle without you actually speaking of it.

Just as with any other ornament, anklets too come in a variety of different types and sizes. You can either choose from a set of two for both feet, or just one to wear around your ankle. In fact, even payal designs come in varied patterns. Rest assured, you’ll find all of these payals online on our platform. Here are some of the anklet types that are popular and available at eJOHRI to buy anklets online.

Beaded Anklets

A call for the young women out there who prefer a more contemporary style. These colourful beaded anklets go well with western attires and give you a modest charm. If you’re looking to buy an anklet online for casual wear, this should be your choice. These payal designs are timeless pieces.

Bridal Anklets

Traditionally bridal anklets have been worn in silver and are known to be heavy. Layered with little bells, also known as ghungru’s, their intricate details that allow them to slay any occasion. These payal designs are distinct and eye-catching.

Gold Anklets

An evergreen accessory of richness and royal vibe, golden anklets go perfectly with traditional Indian attires and match elegantly with diamond jewellery. These payal designs are simple in nature, yet appealing when worn with the right outfits.

Kada Anklets

These originate from the rural setting, something so pure and simple yet plainly fascinating. These anklets are sure to grab attention at the event they’re worn to. They’re such payal designs that are bold in expressing the person’s personality who has adorned them.

Anklets are more in demand than ever before. These are a must-have piece of jewellery. They are an assured piece to suit your style, be it traditional ethnic wear, or a more modern approach; they match them all. You’ll find the finest range of anklets online at eJOHRI.

Buy Anklet Designs at eJOHRI

To buy yourself the best anklet design online, you need to pick the right spot to get it from. eJOHRI offers a wide collection where you get to pick and choose with options to filter as per design, price, etc. With the range of brands, we have on board, price is not a barrier to your happiness.

The anklet collection we display is carefully crafted, keeping in mind the current trends. While we also have classic payal designs, for you to be in touch with your traditional desires. You can either choose these pieces online or book an appointment at the nearest jeweller store if you wish to try and buy. eJOHRI has approximately 185 jeweller partners for you to choose from, so variety is never an issue.

Thus, we bring to you such payal designs that are sure to wrap just as neatly around your heart as they will around your ankles. Whether it is for yourself or someone dear that you love, get the finest of anklet designs that you are looking for.

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