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Elegant Embossed Bead Baby Gold Anklet

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Gold Anklet Design

Anklets, also known as payals, are a woman’s prized possession, wrapped above the feet like a medal of honour and elegance. They are made of gold are known to lure the hearts of many young women who find it impossible to resist its gleaming charm, shining as brightly as a golden orb or sunshine. Traditionally in the Indian culture, gold anklet designs or gold payal designs have always been attributed to matrimony and companionship.

These gold anklet designs or as some folks might call it - gold payal designs are royal to the eye and attractive to the soul. Standing firmly since centuries as a symbol of solidarity and faithfulness in love, these gold payal designs are more than mere relationship status symbols. Iconic in fashion and timeless in wear, this is one such jewel that’ll perfectly match outfits across ethnicities.

Be it western or Indian, worn for a sacred ceremony or a birthday party, it has the ability to tune you up to eleven within no time at all. You can buy gold anklets online at eJOHRI that carry an ethnic look and come in a wide range with classic wedding gold jewellery collections to more modern infused choices.

Buy Gold Payal Design at eJOHRI

If you wish to buy gold payals online, you are the perfect digital platform to fetch ornaments from. At eJOHRI, you can buy gold payals online from a massive range of collections courtesy of the over 180 genuine and authentic brands that are available to browse from on our website. These gold payal designs go just as well with an Indian wedding ceremony as they would with your next-door neighbour’s birthday party.

The charm of these gold anklet designs is sure to lift your spirit above the norm. The many choices in brands that we provide ensure that you save time and find the right piece at the price that you are willing to pay. If you desire to buy gold anklets online, then say yes to online jewellery shopping and get started at eJOHRI.

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