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The armlet jewellery is worn by the women in the arms. This armlet jewellery gold is worn in India since long back and the armlet Indian jewellery is liked by many of the women in India.This jewellery is known more popularly as “Bajuband” in India and they are also known by the name “Vanki” and “patti” in some other parts of India. This beautiful eJOHRI jewellery is used particularly during special occasions like festivals, weddings, engagement, etc. Armlet happens to be one of the very fascinating types of gold jewellerywhich simply makes the women look more beautiful. There are varieties of armlet design which are simply beautiful. It is just up to the individual person to make their desired choice. Buying the jewellery online can give individual enormous choices with different shapes and design of armlet. Many of the Indian women can find a variety of armlet Indian jewellery at eJohri. At eJOHRI, one can even get some nice earrings, gold rings, different types of mangalsutra, Mangalsutra design, gold bangles, different types of gold jewellery.