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As per the Indian culture, armlets are also described as ‘vankis’ and ‘bajubandhs’ or even ‘bajubands’. These ornaments carry a spectacular ancient touch to them as though sealed in time. Vankis have been referenced throughout the Hindu mythology which is what makes them a household term. The importance of vankis has been well highlighted through historical texts and mentions of religious reverence. Find the best gold bajuband designs at eJOHRI.

The Origin Story

Back in the day, emperors worse vankis to showcase their ranking in the army. Vankis have always carried a royal vibe, a rich and elegant prince-like design. Today, they are adorned by both men and women, who wish to take their appearance to a kingly realm. The sight of a vanki instantly sends across a message of high status in society. These are jewels that were designed for the most important of functions and the grandest of celebrations.

The Combination of Gold and Vankis

Gold jewellery exemplifies all things sacred, merry, and majestic all around. The shine of gold and its elite charm is known to brighten any gathering. The lore of gold revolves around kings and queens wanting to exhibit their wealth while also indicating a subtle gesture of goodwill. The sparkle and design of golden ornaments are such that they go along with every moment of joy, and they blend with every atmosphere of cherish, such is their versatility.

Given the reputation of this metal, its significance in the Indian culture and its involvement in rituals, it comes to no surprise that its perfect combination of luxury and imperium. Gold bajuband designs are so naturally alluring and stunning to look at, that they have gone beyond being reserved for the upper strata of the community to now truly being universal and global to everyone’s liking. Vankis by themselves are adorable beyond expression with their intricate designs and divinely appeal making it a purchase worthy piece. With the addition of gold, their radiance and presence is all the more magnified.

Gold Bajubandhs in the 21st Century

Depending on the ethnic region that you travel to in India, the design of the vanki may vary. However, vankis are especially popular in the southern region of India where they’re a staple of all kinds of auspicious occasions from engagement to christening ceremonies. When mainly adorned over a silk saree, the uplifting aura of the vanki is known to startle onlookers even more.

Vankis may have transitioned more into solely feminine pieces of jewellery. However, they continue to remain a focal attraction of various Hindu ritualistic customs and practices. With online jewellery shopping, it is all the easier to find yourself the perfect vanki that you are looking for. At eJOHRI, you are guaranteed to find the gold vanki design that you have always desired.

Types of Gold Armlets

Just like with most other ornament designs, these pieces also come in several variations. Depending on which region of India you make the purchase from and which event you choose to end, the design of the gold vanki changes and dwells as per the theme. From religious-themed vankis to those designed for informal celebrations, you will find a number of gold vanki designs to suit your outing. Here are some of the gold vanki designs and patterns that will come across on our platform.

1. Antique Gold Vankis

Antique gold vanki designs are everything that the first Indians would have prided themselves with. Featuring heroic symbols from the Indian mythology such as peacocks and elephants, these vankis are embedded with intricate designs that take you to a trip back in time.

2. Temple Gold Vankis

Temple gold vanki designs are a personification of the Hindu religion. A glance at them quickly reminds you of why they’re name is such. These vankis are beautifully designed with floral patterns and symbols that are impressions of the Indian tradition.

3. Ruby Emerald Gold Vankis

As the name suggests, these vanki designs are studded with rubies and emeralds along with the golden design to hold it all together. Traditionally, such vankis are found in an inverted ‘V’ shape. Worn with lehengas or western-inspired outfits, the richness of these vanki designs are sure to lure the eyes of those who witness its sparkle.

4. Lightweight Gold Vankis

Lightweight gold vanki designs are vankis that are crafted for a more regular use. These vankis aren’t as heavy or deeply designed where they’re one-dimensional in terms of usage. They’re more universal in nature. These gold vanki designs suit events of all magnitudes.

5. Simple Gold Vankis

Simple gold vankis are just that – they’re classic and straightforwardly designed in nature. Their gold appeal is the show-stealer, and they don’t come with fancy patterns. These gold vanki designs are ideal for teenagers even though they aren’t age-bound. They fit family occasions gorgeously.

Gold Armlet Jewellery Set at eJOHRI

Online jewellery shopping has never been more convenient with the arrival of eJOHRI. On our platform, you will find the right pieces of jewellery at a price that you would be willing to pay. Speaking of vankis in particular, you will come across countless vanki designs online on our website.

These vanki designs could be traditional or modern, suitable for celebrations that have a western theme and even apt for traditional practices with more culture in their settings. These gold vanki designs found online are just as genuine as they are aesthetic. We provide verified and certified vanki gold jewellery pieces online where you need not worry about the originality. With over 180 recognized brands, our gold vanki designs come at a price range where you need not compromise on the quality and still find the right vanki piece to gift for yourself or someone else.

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