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Bangles, kangans, kadaas of all kinds are more than just ornament pieces. These jewels scream femininity. They have a way of enhancing the beauty and elegance of the one wearing them in a way that’s too appealing to ignore.

Bangles bestow girls with a festive vibe regardless of the setting. The sound and sight of these jewels are enough to make the atmosphere eventful. Silver bangle sets are even more desirable with their intricate designs and ethnic patterns. Whether you’re looking for a classic bangle design or a modern one, you can find them all on eJOHRI.

Silver Bangle Designs at eJOHRI

Online jewellery shopping could not get any more convenient for you with the arrival of eJOHRI. With over 180 brands offering genuine designer jewels with all the authentications required, you could start building your cart with no worries at all.

Whether you wish to gift yourself or the ones you love, you can find bangle designs with such variety on our platform that your budget will not be a hindrance. So, look through our silver jewellery collection and find the design of your dreams.

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