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  1. Stylish Flexi Diamond Bracelet
    Stylish Flexi Diamond Bracelet
    Stylish Flexi Diamond Bracelet
    Jatin Mor Jewels
  2. Elegant Enamel Dangler Link Chain Diamond Bracelet -14G1371
    Elegant Enamel Dangler Link Chain Diamond Bracelet -14G1371
    Elegant Enamel Dangler Link Chain D...
    Ghanasingh Be True
  3. Delicate Enamel Shoe Charm Diamond Chain Bracelet
    Delicate Enamel Shoe Charm Diamond Chain Bracelet
    Delicate Enamel Shoe Charm Diamond ...
    Ghanasingh Be True
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Bracelets are ornaments that are worn by women across the world. Even in India, bracelets are perfect for elevating any ensemble. These stunning ornaments adorn women’s graceful wrists and give them a unique kind of charm. Women in India prefer to wear bracelets at all kinds of occasions, be it a wedding function, religious ceremony or even parties and at work. Diamond bracelet designs have become extremely popular with women and can be seen heavily featured at all events.

eJOHRI recognises this allure of diamond jewellery and has a vast collection featuring pieces adorned with glinting gems. With us you’ll find heavier bracelets for fancier occasions, and also light pieces for regular wear, as well.

Heavy Diamond Bracelet Designs

These bracelets come in various precious metals, be it a lustrous yellow gold, a cool white gold or even warm rose gold. The combination of gold and diamonds adds regality to these pieces that’ll make you look splendorous. The pieces have bands that are thicker and more pronounced. Some of the pieces are crafted using links of metals adorned with sparkling diamonds. You can wear these ornaments at traditional gatherings like weddings, or festivals and pair them with diamond necklaces and diamond earrings for a complete look. Others items are designed with a more contemporary style. These pieces have cut-outs in the shapes of flowers, abstract patterns, and even geometric designs. These cut-outs are decorated with diamonds, and the ornaments look exquisite. These unique pieces can be coupled with equally stunning diamond rings and diamond pendants, for a polished set. You can wear these at any party or even get-togethers, and you’ll look chic as ever. Buy diamond bracelet designs online with us, you’ll be the talk of the town.

Light Diamond Bracelet Designs

As a modern Indian woman, you’re stepping out to work, or even having a lot of responsibility at home. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t wear stylish jewellery, especially trendy bracelets. With us you’ll find pieces that will blend perfectly with your work wardrobe, and even be wearable for home. These pieces are specially designed to be lightweight and comfortable. The bands on these ornaments are slimmer and sleeker. Some of the pieces will be made of linked chains, and have diamonds embedded in the links itself, for an elegant appeal. These bracelets are perfect to stack and layer with diamond bangles, as well. Other pieces are a little more delicate and have diamonds dropping down from a really slim chain, either in gold or silver. If you’re looking for designer jewels for those work events or family dinners, then you can’t go wrong with eJOHRI. These pieces also have intricate bands made from dazzling metals but have entire panels made out of diamonds, interspersing the bands. You can wear these pieces with diamond rings or even a suitable diamond pendant necklace, to create a sophisticated set. You’ll stand out wherever you go when you buy diamond bracelet designs online with us.

Buy Diamond Bracelet Online at eJOHRI

If you’re looking to buy a diamond bracelet online, then you can’t go wrong with eJOHRI. With us, you can browse through a vast jewellery collection, 24 x 7, from the comfort of your own home. We also curate ornaments that are rare and unique and aren’t found elsewhere. You also get pieces of the highest quality when you shop for diamond bracelet online with us, because all of our products are hallmarked and certified. Not only that, but your transaction is extremely safe because of our secure payment portal and excellent customer service. When you shop for a diamond bracelet online with us, you can also avail of our additional services, like free shipping. We offer cash on delivery for orders over INR 20,000.

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