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Silver Chain Online Shopping at eJOHRI

Silver chains are a favourite piece of jewellery across the board. They are a symbol of purity and clarity, and are thus, considered important by men and women, alike. Besides, they look great with traditional wear and also add a charm to western outfits. The versatility of this ornament has made it very popular amongst the people.

eJOHRI recognises its place and significance and offers excellent silver chain designs as part of its vast collection of silver jewellery. We offer pieces in the top-notch sterling silver, also known as silver 925, along with several pieces in silver 700.

Silver Chain Designs for Women

At eJOHRI you’ll find stunning silver chain designs for women, that are perfect for any occasion, be it a wedding function, or even a formal office event. Some of these chains for women are suitable for daily wear, as well. If you’re looking for designer pieces, you can find gorgeous linked pieces that add glamour to your saris, or dresses. You’ll find pieces that have chains stacked in a tier formation for an elegant look. These also have refined pendants, in lovely teardrop shapes, geometric structures, or even with designs believed to ward off any evil eye. These add chicness to any ensemble you wear, be it a simple top or a fancy blouse. You can also opt for a simple single silver chain, in a snake design, with a glossy finish to wear on a daily basis. With these silver chain designs, you’ll be the star at any occasion.

Silver Chain Designs for Men

Men can really pull off these silver chains, and they go with almost any look, be it jeans and t-shirt, or even a formal kurta. For a more regal look, at professional occasions, or even at wedding functions, you can find pieces that are ornate and complex. These pieces are either created with jumbled links, or other link designs that loop in intricate fashions and adds a ton of style to the piece. Some of these can be glossy for a shiny finish, whereas others are matte, and give a classy look. They also have secure ways to fasten them around your neck, like lobster hooks, which also blend in with the links for an aesthetic appeal. With these chains for men gracing their neck, you can ensure that you exude panache wherever you go.

Buy Silver Chain Online at eJOHRI

When you buy a silver chain online at eJOHRI, you can browse through our vast collection of silver jewellery. You can also look at all the product designs 24 x 7 from the comfort of your own home. We also have rare and unique pieces that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. When you buy a silver chain online with us, you can be rest assured that your transaction will be safe. We have extremely secure payment portals and excellent customer service that make your silver chain online shopping convenient and easy. You can also avail of our additional services like free shipping. We offer cash on delivery for purchases over INR 20,000. While purchasing jewellery with us, you know you are walking home with high quality pieces, because all our items are hallmarked and certified.

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