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Gold Set Online Shopping at eJOHRI

In India, gold is said to be the most precious of all metals and is associated with good luck, prosperity and positivity. You’ll see gold being featured at important events in all of the diverse cultures of the country. Whether it’s to grace a bride on the wedding day, an ornament to be worn during religious ceremonies, trendy jewels for parties, or even stylish pieces for daily use, gold is everywhere.

eJOHRI knows the value of gold jewellery in Indian culture and has come up with sets for women, to ensure that you have all the gold jewels you might need. These necklace and earring sets for women are perfect for all the momentous occasions in your life, and can even be worn on a daily basis. We offer gold jewels in high quality 14, 18, 22, and 23kt gold, which will add a shine to any outfit.

Traditional Gold Set Designs

These sets at eJOHRI will give you ornaments that will not only look like a complete set but are perfect for a traditional setting. Whether you’re a bride wanting a stunning royal look on your special day or looking for exquisite designs for a ceremony or festival, we have it all. The sets consist of necklaces made in classic designs, that’ll grace your necks and add opulence to your ensemble. The chains of these pieces are thick and ornate. Some of the chains are textured, while others are decorated with cut-outs designs. These pieces are crafted with heavy gold pendants designed in beautiful floral motifs and ethnic patterns. The pendants also have filigree work, or other gems dropping down from them. These pieces are embellished with glittering diamonds and other colourful precious stones. The accompanying gold earrings are decadent, as well. They not only match the necklaces, but are equally eye-catching, and polished. With these gold set designs, you’ll be the centre of attention at any event.

Modern Gold Set Designs

As time has passed, the gold set designs at eJOHRI have also evolved. To keep up with the wants of the modern Indian woman, we have come up with pieces that will work for her. We offer pieces that are not only modern but are wearable and comfortable. These pieces can be worn to work, and will blend with your work wardrobe perfectly, or can also be worn at home. The pieces consist of necklaces with slimmer chains, and delicate pendants for an elegant look. The pendants come in pretty floral shapes, geometric shapes, and even have unique cut-outs. The matching earrings are light and pretty, embellished with glinting gems. For fancier events like parties or get-togethers, you won’t have to look further than our sets. These sets are resplendent and like none other. They have amazingly contemporary gold pendants, which are statement pieces. The pendants are adorned with iridescent pearls or sparkling diamonds that give the piece a sophisticated design. Coupled with the earrings, this gold set design will add finesse to your outfit that’ll make you stand out wherever you go.

Buy a Gold Set Online at eJOHRI

If you’re looking to buy gold set online, then eJOHRI is the perfect place for you. Gold set online shopping is made easy with our vast jewellery collection, which you can peruse 24 x 7 without leaving your home. If you want to buy gold set designs online, that aren’t available elsewhere; you can find rare and unique pieces here. When you buy gold set designs online with us, you can be rest assured about the quality of the piece. All our pieces are hallmarked and certified.

Besides, our online payment portal is extremely secure, and we also have excellent and helpful customer service. You can also avail of our additional services like free shipping. If your order is over INR 20,000, you will be able to access our cash on delivery service, as well.

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