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Shop for the Best Diamond Mangalsutra Designs Online at eJOHRI

As two individuals get married, they not only enter a new relationship with each other, but they also form a union. There are several ways to signify this union between couples in the form of jewellery. Although, nothing says it better than the mangalsutra. The mangalsutra is a sacred piece of jewellery, considered to enhance the well-being of a husband when worn by his newlywed wife. While traditionally made from gold, newer designs have allowed paved the way for diamond mangalsutra designs. At eJOHRI, we recognise the importance of this necklace and have a wide range of mangalsutra pieces, including gold and diamond mangalsutra designs. Our diamond mangalsutra designs are perfect for all the occasions in your life, be it traditional pieces your wedding day, or subtle pieces for regular wear. When you look through the diamond mangalsutra designs online at eJOHRI, you’re bound to find something perfect for you.

Heavier Diamond Mangalsutra Designs

With us, you’ll find diamond mangalsutras perfect for the more traditional events in your life. Even if you’re looking for the perfect piece to include in the wedding ceremonies on your own special day, or even include in your bridal trousseau. You’ll find pieces that suit your needs perfectly. These pieces are slightly heavier and created in more classic designs. They have thicker and more elaborate chains and are adorned with an ornate pendant, that will catch everyone’s eye. The pieces consist of diamonds set in gold, for a traditional, but dazzling look. The diamonds are set to create motifs and patterns, whether they are of flowers, swirls or even geometric designs. If you’re looking for a piece that’ll go perfectly with your fancier clothes, or even formal western wear, at office events or parties, then we have something for you, as well. These diamond pieces are designed, keeping a contemporary look in mind and have exquisite diamonds adorning them. They also come in interesting and unique shapes and have artistic cut-outs that look very modern. With these diamond manglasutras gracing your neck, you’ll be the talk of the town.

Lighter Diamond Mangalsutra Designs

Many Indian women wear a mangalsutra every day, and for this purpose, they require diamond mangalsutra designs that will be wearable and comfortable. Either you’re someone who wants to wear a diamond mangalsutra at home, or even add it to your wardrobe for work. All in all, you want something that’s lighter and versatile enough to go with a bunch of your regular outfits. We have designs that do just that. You’ll find pieces that have slim and sleek chains, and diamond pendants that are small, or elegant enough to blend in with your clothes. The pendants can be delicate designs made out of diamonds to give the piece a pretty feel, or can even be a traditional mangalsutra shape, only recreated in sparkling diamonds. Some of them also have little drops of diamonds hanging from the pendant for an added touch of glamour. These pieces are perfect for you to wear every day, with Indian or western wear. They’re also a great option if a doting husband is looking for a gift for his wife, either on her anniversary or any festival.

Buy a Diamond Mangalsutra Online at eJOHRI

When you purchase pieces with us, you’ll definitely have a convenient and pleasant experience. You can browse through our vast diamond jewellery collection 24 x 7, from the comfort of your home. If you’re looking to buy a diamond mangalsutra online, you’ll also find rare and unique pieces that aren’t available elsewhere, at eJOHRI. With us, when you buy a diamond mangalsutra online, you can be rest assured about the quality because all our pieces are hallmarked and certified. When you buy a diamond mangalsutra online, with us, your transaction is completely safe, due to our secure payment portal and excellent customer service. At eJOHRI you can also avail of additional services like free shipping, as well. You can also get cash on delivery service when you buy a diamond mangalsutra online with us if your order is over INR 20,000.

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