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Shop for Kundan Necklace Online at eJOHRI

Kundan is an ancient Indian form of jewellery making. It involves setting stunning glass stone and gems between refined gold. This kind of ornamentation has garnered praise across the globe, and even in India. Indian women, specially, enjoy wearing designs of Kundan jewellery. One item of Kundan jewellery that is very popular amongst Indian women is a Kundan necklace.

At eJOHRI, be able to buy Kundan necklace designs online for all occasions, if you want heavier pieces for an Indian wedding, religious ceremonies or festivals. You’ll even be able to buy Kundan necklace designs online for parties, work, or even everyday use. eJOHRI has Kundan necklace designs for every woman and for every occasion.

Heavy Kundan Necklace Designs

You could be a bride looking for jewellery for your wedding day, or even looking for pieces for a ceremony or function. At eJOHRI, you’ll find antique Kundan necklaces and chokers, which will add a touch of regality to your outfit. The necklaces are stunning and like no other pieces. They are large statement pieces, with intricate and ornate work done upon them. They’re decorated with ethnic patterns and beautiful floral and bird motifs, and even have imagery of gods and goddesses incorporated in them. With these necklaces and chokes adorning your neck, you’ll be the center of attention, for sure. You’ll also find beautiful jewellery sets that consist of Kundan earrings and necklaces. The earrings are equally exceptional and are the perfect match for the necklaces. Pair these with the Kundan maang tikkas available on our portal, and you’ll have a complete look.

Light Kundan Necklace Designs

At eJOHRI you’ll also find lighter Kundan pieces, which are more apt for smaller get-together, parties and events. They can also be teamed up with formal clothes for any work events, in an office setting. These pieces are more wearable and comfortable, so you can adorn them more regularly. The chains on the necklaces are slimmer, either made of gold, or even with other coloured beads. Sometimes the sleek chains are layered for a more aesthetic look. The chains can also be embellished by ornamentation made out of Kundan. They also come with pendants that have beautiful Kundan work done on them, in stunning geometric shapes, with abstract patterns and pretty motifs on them. Some of these necklaces also come with matching earrings that just add a lot more charm to your entire ensemble. With these classic pieces, you’ll look elegant and sophisticated.

Buy Kundan Necklace Online at eJOHRI

When you want to buy Kundan necklace online then eJOHRI is the perfect place. Kundan necklace online shopping is made easy with us because of our vast collection of Kundan jewellery. You can browse through all our jewellery online, 24 x 7, and do so without leaving the comfort of your home. You’ll also be purchasing products of the highest quality when you shop with us. All of our products are hallmarked and certified. Besides, when you’re Kundan necklace online shopping with us, your transactions will be very safe due to our secure payment portal and excellent customer service. You can also avail of our additional services like free shipping and even cash on delivery for orders over INR 20,000.

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