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  1. Traditional Drop Wedding Yellow Gold 18kt Diamond Nose Pin -145-DNP3
    Traditional Drop Wedding Yellow Gold 18kt Diamond Nose Pin -145-DNP3
    Traditional Drop Wedding Yellow Gol...
    Ratnalaya Jewellers
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  2. Blossom Floweret Diamond Nose Pin
    Blossom Floweret Diamond Nose Pin
    Blossom Floweret Diamond Nose Pin
    Sri Jagdamba Pearls
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Online Shopping for Diamond Nose Ring Online at eJOHRI

Women in India have worn nose rings since ancient eras. These diamond ornaments are generally considered to be a symbol of a woman’s marital status, and are worn across the country, by the women of different cultures. Be it the traditional ‘nath’, the Maharashtrian ‘guchhedar nath’, or even the South Indian ‘mukuthi’, all are adorned by diamonds. This piece of jewellery is an integral part of a woman’s bridal trousseau and also accompanies her into her new journey after her wedding. However, it is a diamond piece also worn by unmarried girls, for religious purposes, or even to add that ethnic charm and aesthetic appeal.

At eJOHRI you’ll be able to find diamond nose pin designs for every occasion and for every woman. You can browse through our vast collection of diamond jewellery and find the diamond nose ring design that is perfect for you. You’ll be able to find diamond nose pin designs that are suitable for traditional events, as well as modern diamond nose ring designs for daily wear.

Traditional Diamond Nose Pin Designs

If you’re looking for traditional diamond nose pin designs, then you can’t go wrong with eJOHRI. You’ll find diamond nose ring designs that are perfect for a bride on her wedding day, or even for an outfit for a wedding. These pieces are ornate and elaborately created, in classic shapes and styles. They’re heavier and refer to different cultures, as well. Set in lustrous gold, the diamonds sparkle and glint. The diamonds are either placed to create a floral motif or some other pattern in the shape of a flower or a traditional design. Some pieces are also embellished with other precious gemstones along with diamonds. You’ll also find nose rings, entirely studded with the glinting diamonds, and these pieces add a certain grace to any outfit, be it for a ceremony or even festival celebration. Some of the designs also include and diamond drop hanging from the hoop for an extra touch of delicacy. You’ll also find traditional diamond nose pin designs, which are embellished with precious stones and covered with enamel work for a glossy finish. With these pieces adorning your nose, you will shine bright at any event.

Modern Diamond Nose Pin Designs

With changing times, the diamond nose pin designs at eJOHRI have evolved, and are created to suit the needs of the modern woman. You’ll find diamond nose pin designs that go perfectly well with your work outfits, and can be worn at professional settings. These pieces are also great for daily wear and are comfortable and light. These pieces consist of slim bands of dazzling gold, adorned with either a single diamond that shines bright or a few diamonds arranged to create a subtle and elegant design. These diamonds can be arranged to create geometric shapes, dainty flowers, or even swirling patterns. These pieces add a touch of sophistication to your looks, for sure. On the other hand, for those fancy parties and events, you need statement pieces that’ll jazz up your outfits. For this purpose, you’ll find several diamond nose ring designs, whether you want a cluster of diamonds adorning your nose, or an intricate piece that’ll dazzle everyone with its contemporary design and cut-outs. All in all, with these diamond nose pin designs, you’ll stand out in any room.

Buy a Diamond Nose Pin Online

If you’re looking to buy a diamond nose pin online, then eJOHRI is the perfect place for you. Here you can browse through a wide range of jewellery collection, consisting of thousands of product designs. Not only that, but you can also peruse our collection 24 x 7 form the comfort of your own home if you want to purchase a diamond nose ring online. When you buy a diamond nose pin online with us, you can be rest assured that you’re getting products of the highest quality, because all of our pieces are hallmarked and certified.

Buying a diamond nose ring online, with us, is a safe transaction because of our extremely secure payment portal and also excellent customer service. Besides, when you select a diamond nose pin online with us, you can also avail of our additional services. Not only will you get free shipping, but also cash on delivery if your order is over INR 20,000 when you purchase a diamond nose pin online with us. Purchasing a diamond nose ring online with us is a very convenient experience, for sure.

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