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  1. Traditional Zigzag Design 22kt Yellow Gold Ring-379-19599084
    Traditional Zigzag Design 22kt Yell...
    Kasturi Jewellers
  2. Ceremonial Textured Gold Ring
    Ratnalaya Jewellers
  3. Elegant Curved Daily Wear 22kt Yellow Gold Ring-379-18070019
    Elegant Curved Daily Wear 22kt Yell...
    Kasturi Jewellers
  4. Preety Enamel 22kt Yellow Gold Ring-379-12994317
    Preety Enamel 22kt Yellow Gold Ring...
    Kasturi Jewellers
  5. Unique Design Swarovski Diamond Ring-379-13331669
    Unique Design Swarovski Diamond Rin...
    Kasturi Jewellers
  6. Enchanting Spiral Geometric Gold Ri...
    Jagat Narayan Jewels
    Special Price ₹17,981 ₹18,348
  7. Elegant Office Wear Yellow Gold 22kt Plain Ring -289-GULR03
    Elegant Office Wear Yellow Gold 22k...
    Gulhati Jewellers
  8. Traditional Paisley Gold Ring
    Damodardas Jewellers
  9. Blossom Textured Enamel Adjustable ...
    MJ Jewels
  10. Dainty Cutout Emboss Gold Ring
    Gajraj Jewellers
  11. 22kt Circle line Gold Ring - FR2136
    Ranka Jewellers
  12. Bloom Floral Daily Wear Gold Ring
    Gajraj Jewellers
  13. Glossy Sand Blast Diamond Cut Finis...
    Maniram Ji Jewellers
  14. Glossy Finish Diamond Cut Tortoise Design Gold Ring
    Glossy Finish Diamond Cut Tortoise ...
    Prabhu Dayal & Sons Jewellers Pvt Ltd
  15. Elegant Textured Gold Band
    Ranka Jewellers (Laxmi Road)
  16. Blooming Cutout Textured Gold Ring-...
    Keshavji Chhaganlal Jewellers
  17. Enlight Floral Gold Ring
    Ranka Jewellers
  18. Traditional Filigree Embossed Gold ...
    Waman Hari Pethe Jewellers - Dadar
  19. Stylish Textured Concave Floral Gol...
    Rokde Jewellers
  20. Stylish Cutout Interwind Gold Ring
    T. R. Jewels
  21. Leafy Floral Glossly Finish Gold Ri...
    Ranka Jewellers
  22. Fancy Design Incribed Gold Ring-LRG...
    Radha Krishna Jewellery
    Special Price ₹13,753 ₹14,430
  23. Unique Engraved Gold Ring
    Radha Krishna Jewellery
    Special Price ₹11,237 ₹11,790
  24. Textured Gold Men's Ring
    Navratna Jewellers
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Items 1-24 of 1762

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Gold Coins

Gold Ring Online Shopping at eJOHRI

Rings are thought to be the symbol of love and fidelity since antiquity. We see people exchange bands as sign of their commitment to another person, especially at weddings and engagements. This is true across the world, and India is no different. Whether you’re shopping for gold engagement rings, or diamond rings for a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday, these bands are special. At eJOHRI, you’ll find rings designed for all the special moments in your life. You can browse through their vast silver and gold jewellery collection and pick out the perfect band for you. They carry more traditional gold ring designs for weddings and ceremonial events, but also has fresh gold ring designs for fancy outings and even daily wear. When you buy a gold ring online with them, you’ll walk away with a piece that’s unique and exactly what you wanted.

Traditional gold ring designs:

At eJOHRI, you’ll find gold ring designs that are more classical and are perfect for the bridal trousseau, or even other ceremonies. You’ll find not only plain gold bands, made out of the most lustrous metal, but also diamond-studded gold rings, for a look with more pizazz. While some of these traditional pieces have thicker bands more a royal look, others are slimmer and elegant. The bands are decorated with designs, to create a more complex structure. These designs are carvings of flowers, birds or even swirls and patterns. The women’s bands also have filigree work and are often embellished with other colourful precious gems for a more ornate appeal. You can also find men’s rings, made in dazzling gold with a very classy and simple design. These bands are engraved with the most stunning patterns. And as for quality, you can buy rings of 14, 18, 22, and 23 kt, all of which are expertly crafted and curated.

Modern gold ring designs:

With changing times, the gold ring designs at eJOHRI have also adapted to suit the needs of the modern woman. You can select rings from a plethora of band styles. If you’re considering a statement piece to wear at parties or other events, you can opt for a glittery piece studded with diamonds. The diamonds are arranged in various shapes and patterns over a band and add a touch of glamour to your look. For a more elegant look, you can also go for slim bands, studded with dainty diamond designs, in swirls and geometric designs. These sophisticated bands go really well with your work wardrobe, and can also be worn regularly without any discomfort. You can also find chic men’s pieces, consisting of simple bands, topped with single solitaires or other gemstones. The modern gold ring designs also come in 14, 18, 22, and 23kt, and are of top-notch quality.

Buy a Gold Ring Online at eJOHRI

Gold ring online shopping is made easy and convenient with eJOHRI. Here you can browse through a vast collection of gold and silver jewellery and a plethora of product designs. They carry pieces that are not available at other stores and outlets. You can also indulge in a gold ring online shopping 24 x 7, from the safety of your own home. Besides, all their products are hallmarked and certified, so you can be rest assured of the quality of the jewels you are purchasing. As for safety, gold ring online shopping with them is very secure because of their excellent payment portal and helpful customer service. Gold ring online shopping with them also allows you to take advantage of their added services like free shipping. You can also avail for a cash on delivery service if you buy jewellery over INR 20,000.

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