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With gold jewels playing a prominent role in the diverse history of the Indian culture, you will find yourself to be astonished by the sheer number of patterns and types of gold toe rings. While gold rings charm your hands and necklaces shine across your neck, have you neglected your feet? Gold toe rings have been a part of the Hindu marriage ceremony for centuries.

They are a significant aspect of a bride’s traditional outfit and help complete the grandeur of the event. Gold jewellery, by itself, is a symbol of prosperity. Gold toe rings are similarly associated with fortune, good luck, and blessings for a better life ahead. They also carry health benefits when worn on the second toe of both feet.

This is said to adequately control the nerve going straight to the heart, which aids in blood circulation. Gold toe rings may seem negligible, but they complete the wedding décor with their homely attributes.

Gold Toe Ring Designs at eJOHRI

Online jewellery shopping is on the rise as more and more people are wanting to save the hustle of travelling to an ornament store. Recognising this rising trend, eJOHRI brings to you over 180 genuine brands that provide for you with several options in terms of gold jewellery you wish to purchase.

The various brands also ensure affordability as you need not compromise on your likings while also getting the most exceptional quality of gold. For those seeking for delivery of gold within India, you get an additional perk of insurance up to a year. So, if you wish to gift yourself or those you love with some gold jewels, eJOHRI is here to scout for you.

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