139 Designs

22kt Gold Flat Links Chain - CH-244
Payal Jewellers

Rs. 52,736

22kt Gold Bar Diamond Cut Chain - CH-127
Payal Jewellers

Rs. 63,745

22kt Gold Box Chain - CH-265
Payal Jewellers

Rs. 6,560

22kt Gold Drop Gold Ball Diamond Cut Mangalsutra - M-61
Payal Jewellers

Rs. 16,359

22kt Gold Enamel Drop Stone Mangalsutra - M-24
Payal Jewellers

Rs. 26,982

22kt Gold Feather Drop Bead Mangalsutra - M-114
Payal Jewellers

Rs. 22,204

22kt Gold Flat Links Chain - CH-261
Payal Jewellers

Rs. 21,056

22kt Gold Round Links Chain - CH-61
Payal Jewellers

Rs. 43,090

22kt Gold Round Box Chain - CH-21
Payal Jewellers

Rs. 18,809

22kt Gold Enamel Textered Mangalsutra - M-87
Payal Jewellers

Rs. 22,571

22kt Gold Sprial Diamond Cut Bangles - BA-77
Payal Jewellers

Rs. 155,069

22kt Gold Diamond Cut Glossy Finish Bali Earring - BL-54
Payal Jewellers

Rs. 7,945

22kt Gold Enamel Drop Bead  Mangalsutra - M-97
Payal Jewellers

Rs. 30,438

22kt Gold Filigree Net Mens Ring - R-111
Payal Jewellers

Rs. 23,929

22kt Gold Diamond Cut Dauli Mangalsutra - M-132
Payal Jewellers

Rs. 26,836

22kt Gold Links Hand Made Chain - CH-159
Payal Jewellers

Rs. 21,128

22kt Gold Diamond Cut Dangling Mangalsutra - M-137
Payal Jewellers

Rs. 13,822

22kt Gold Grain Chain - CH-25
Payal Jewellers

Rs. 36,349

22kt Gold Cluster CZ Floral Broad Bangles - BA-37
Payal Jewellers

Rs. 174,784

22kt Gold Curb Links Chain - CH-160
Payal Jewellers

Rs. 29,571

22kt Gold Enamel Curve Pendant Mangalsutra - M-118
Payal Jewellers

Rs. 49,149

22kt Gold Flat Links Chain - CH-196
Payal Jewellers

Rs. 42,690

22kt Gold Floral Circle Mangalsutra - M-119
Payal Jewellers

Rs. 40,400

22kt Gold Links Chain - CH-189
Payal Jewellers

Rs. 55,411

Gold Jewellery

Gold has been considered very prestigious and is one of the core aspects of our Indian heritage that by its mere existence keeps the culture alive. Way back in the days, adornment of gold by Kings and Queens was considered royal, holy and brought goodwill. With modernization seeping in, now gold is adorned in a contemporary way and is considered way more than token of our ancient history. For ages, gold has been symbolized as an enhancer of beauty. Let it be a big fat Indian Wedding, an evening ball or something casual, gold jewellery are an epitome of beauty. It is now carved accordingly making it the most demanded ornaments of all time. People of all ages and groups have preferred gold over any other metal for their adornment for quite a while now. So if you are searching for something different, one-of-a-kind gold jewellery collection. We have the best in the lot.

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