17 Designs

Glossy Finish Gold Polish Kundan Floral Multi Layer Synthetic Beads Design Silver necklace


New Delhi

Rs. 58,710

Antique Finish Beaded Choker Design With Kundan Stone Gold Necklace



Rs. 819,029

Antique Polish Kundan Studded Floral Circle Gold Bracelet-LP-150603
D P Jewellers (Indore)

Rs. 60,057

Antique Finish Textured Design Multi Layer Gold Ball With Synthetic Green Stone Studded Kundan Gold Necklace-NEC2743
Shripad Shankar Nagarkar Jewellers

Rs. 271,645

Antique Finish Temple Design Green Colour Enamel Multiline Synthetic Pearl Kundan Necklace-NEC2726
Shripad Shankar Nagarkar Jewellers

Rs. 538,204

Glossy Finish Floral Sipral Covering Design With Studded Kundan Gold Earrings
Alankar Gems & Jewellery

Rs. 46,257

Matte Textured Finish Filigree Leafy Design Studded With Snythetic Drop Pearl Kundan Gold Necklace-NEC2881
Shripad Shankar Nagarkar Jewellers

Rs. 177,703

Antique Finish Textured Peacock Floral Design Studded With Synthetic Colour Stone Kundan Drop Gold Ball Necklace-NEC4601
Shripad Shankar Nagarkar Jewellers

Rs. 150,602

Antique Finish Embossed  Kundan Drop Dangling Gold Jhumka



Rs. 185,063

Diamond Cut Glossy Finish Gold Necklace Set



Rs. 364,902

Meenakari Design In Antique Finish Kundan Stone Gold Necklace Set



Rs. 723,681

Antique Finish Multi Layer Design With Gold Ball Studded Synthetic Pearl Kundan Necklace-NEC2752
Shripad Shankar Nagarkar Jewellers

Rs. 216,012

Antique Finish Drop Design Synthetic Stone Gold Necklace Set



Rs. 253,885

Matte Finish Three Layer Design Studded With Synthetic Drop Pearl Kundan Gold Necklace-NEC2860
Shripad Shankar Nagarkar Jewellers

Rs. 410,571

Glossy Finish Enamel Filigree Floral Leafy Design Studded With Synthetic Kundan  Studded Gold Pendant Set
Prashant Jewellers

Rs. 91,521

Drop Design Kundan Pendant Set
Dalichand Kapurchand Jeweller

Rs. 221,794

Antique Finish Drop Heart Charm Design With Gold Ball Kundan Necklace-NEC2910
Shripad Shankar Nagarkar Jewellers

Rs. 363,475

Kundan Jewellery

Kundan is an extremely elaborate work with layers after layers of stones, valuable metals & intricate joint work. Hailed for its stately and resplendent appearance and masterful crafting, Kundan is the oldest in the jewellery industry. Kundan jewellery requires long-hours of craftsmanship to get the end results just right. It is usually experimented with diverse stones, especially gemstones to get the royal look into place. The art of Kundan making was first evident in the courts of Rajasthan under the guidance and encouragement of mughals who were the ones who bought the art to India. Kings and Queens also wore kundan embellished attires for a royal adornment. In present time, Kundan makes up for a great bridal ensemble with its flawless finishing and craving techniques. It compliments your traditional attire just right for religious ceremonies and social gatherings. Seeking for one to compliments yours? We have the most trending designs and patterns of Kundan Jewellery available at eJOHRI, just for you!

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