192 Designs

Glossy Finish Floral Design Enamel Gold Ring-LR216779
D P Jewellers (Indore)

Rs. 9,867

Glossy Finish Multicolour Enamel Curve Design Gold Bangle-FC213193
D P Jewellers (Indore)

Rs. 230,629

Traditional Floral Design Enamel Gold Ring-LR216787
D P Jewellers (Indore)

Rs. 8,410

Glossy Oxidized Finish Lord Ganehsa Enclosed Circular Dots Design With Multicolour Glass Enamel Silver Pendant


New Delhi

Rs. 2,575

Silver 999 Multi Colour Enamel Lord Lalbuag Cha Raja Ganesha Idol-SIDEJI45
Pandit Jewellers

Pandit Jewellers


Rs. 2,794

Glossy Finish Enamel With Multilines Black Beads Gold Mangalsutra-6-A1284
Shiv Shubham Jewellers

Rs. 47,329

Matte Sand Blast Finish Enamel Tranditional Gold Ball Earrrings-LT211428
D P Jewellers (Indore)

Rs. 35,191

Matte Finish Enamel With Gold Ball Jhumki Earrings-JU212008
D P Jewellers (Indore)

Rs. 59,952

Glossy Textured Finish Enamel Twisted Gold Bracelet-FC-214839
D P Jewellers (Indore)

Rs. 125,650

Glossy Matte Finish Floral Multicolour Enamel Sprial Gold Bracelet-FC-215749
D P Jewellers (Indore)

Rs. 107,462

Glossy Cluster Beads Enamel Gajra Gold Bangle-FC-214654
D P Jewellers (Indore)

Rs. 206,049

Matte Glossy Finish Embossed Textured Floral Beads Enamel Gold Bracelet-FC-214775
D P Jewellers (Indore)

Rs. 100,760

Glossy Finish Enamel With Drop Diamond Cut Gold Ball Mangalsutra-6-A1002
Shiv Shubham Jewellers

Rs. 30,723

Glossy Finish Mulit Colour Enamel Floral Diamond Shape With Embossed Gold Bead Ball Pendant



Rs. 11,408

Matte Glossy Finish Enamel Santa Claus Design Gold Bracelet-29484
Sharada Jewellers

Rs. 11,617

Matte Finish Enamel Floral Curved Leafy Design With Gold Ball Earrings -LT211182
D P Jewellers (Indore)

Rs. 36,629

Glossy Textured Finish Floral Enamel Gold Bracelet-FC-215752
D P Jewellers (Indore)

Rs. 111,119

Curved Leafy Enamel Design With Black Beads Gold Mangalsutra-6-A872
Shiv Shubham Jewellers

Rs. 23,679

Matte Glossy Finish Curved Embossed Beads Enamel Gold Bangle-FC-215120
D P Jewellers (Indore)

Rs. 77,086

Glossy Finish Diamond Cut Enamel Lord Hanuman Gold Pendant
Durga Gold & Silver

Durga Gold & Silver


Rs. 6,875

Matte Finish Diamond Cut Multicolour Enamel Filigree Leafy Design Drop Gold Pendant



Rs. 19,493

Glossy Finish Enamel Gold Beads Openable Bangle-1-A3331
Shiv Shubham Jewellers

Rs. 70,918

Matte Glossy Embossed Beads Meenakari Gold Ring-LR217793
D P Jewellers (Indore)

Rs. 8,711

Matte Finish Twisted Curved Traditional Design With Multicolour Enamel Gold Ring-LR218489
D P Jewellers (Indore)

Rs. 6,163


The perfect dress – Check! Makeup – RIGHT ON POINT! But without the right jewellery you will always be underdressed for an occasion. Your beautiful smile deserves a beautiful glow up that can only be accentuated with the right set of ornaments. Now adorning you from head to toe, we have assembled a massive range of jewelleries from Gold,Diamond,Solitaires,Silver,Gemstones to Polki, Kundan, Temple, Cubic Zirconia & Platinum

We not just enhance your beauty, we cater the age old heritage, the latest trends, your style quotient and above all your mood. If you are minimalist, grab an elegant simple diamond pendant with the right pair of diamond cluster earrings and you are good to go. But if you were born for the grandeur, then a Kundan drop earring with a matching embellished necklace and you can hit the party scene just right.

Men! We have haven’t forgotten you. For keeping your style-o-meter forever high we have an extensive range of watches, rings and chains just for you. So if you are buying something for your own self or planning to gift something valuable, we will help you pick the perfect piece right here at eJOHRI.

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