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    Lavish Elephant Design GemstoneThewa Necklace Set
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Thewa, a form of jewellery making, has originated in India since 1707. It was invented by Nathu Lal Sonewala, in Pratapgarh, Rajasthan. Initially, it found strong favour with the kings, queens and made a huge mark in the royal courts. This art form then spread across the country and was adorned by women throughout India. Its richness and grandeur has survived even now, and you can see this worn by contemporary women, as well. Thewa is a traditional art of fusing gold with multi-coloured glass beads to create artful ornaments. This kind of work not only involves skilled craftsmen, but also takes time. The process involves beating a piece of gold into a thin gold sheet, called ‘Thewa Ki Patti’. This sheet is then pierced with a pattern, and that is then intricately created over the sheet. You can shop for exquisite Thewa jewellery online at eJOHRI.

Thewa Jewellery Designs at eJOHRI:

Here, you will find the perfect Thewa jewellery designs that will spruce up any outfit you wear. These ornaments have a rich history and are culturally tied with India, and thus add a certain charm whenever worn. Besides, they are quite popular at weddings, for adding some splendour and regality to the event. We carry several such pieces for wedding celebrations and even other festivals and ceremonies. With modern times, the Thewa jewellery designs have evolved. While newer designs do include some bead work, and more colours, the essence of the pieces remains the same. You will find sets, with a stunning necklace and matching earrings, in an array of colours and styles. You’ll find necklaces with all kinds of pendants, beautifully created in this style of jewellery making. You’ll find smaller pendants, with coloured beads, in delicate shapes like circles, a diamond, or a crescent, that end with dainty filigree work, for a subtle and classy look. You can also opt for a statement piece, with larger pendants, intricate designs, and also several colourful gemstones, to add that glitz. Thewa usually invokes images of Hindu mythology or even court scenes from the Mughal Era and the ornaments at eJOHRI are no different. With motifs and images of peacocks, flowers, and other geometric patterns, the pieces look completely unique. When you buy Thewa Jewellery with us, you will find a piece that is the perfect choice for you.

Buy Thewa Jewellery Online at eJOHRI

You can shop for Thewa jewellery online and select pieces from its wide range of products. With us, you can purchase Thewa jewellery online, from the comfort of your own home, with just a few clicks. Apart from being convenient, they also have such a large selection of gold and silver jewellery, including rare pieces that aren’t available elsewhere. The payment portals are extremely secure, and they also have excellent customer service you assist you in every way possible. When you purchase Thewa jewellery online, you can also avail of additional services like their free delivery service, and cash on delivery for purchases over INR 20,000.

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