47 Designs

Satin Glossy Finish Diamond Cut Spiral Design Gold Bangles-BG22-113
Vivan Ornaments

Rs. 127,729

Embossed Clasic Design Gold Bangles-BG22-72
Vivan Ornaments

Rs. 201,685

Diamond Cut With Rhodium Polish Criss Cross Design Gold Bangles-BG22-64
Vivan Ornaments

Rs. 134,351

Embossed Traditional Design Gold Bangles-BG22-168
Vivan Ornaments

Rs. 152,553

Glossy Diamond Cut Platuinum Kada Bangle-PTKD-1 Glossy Diamond Cut Platuinum Kada Bangle-PTKD-1
Vivan Ornaments

Rs. 103,757

Matte Hammered Finish Filigree Net Design Gold Bangles-BG22-195
Vivan Ornaments

Rs. 167,503

Hammered Finish Embossed Filigree Linked Design Gold Ladies Bangles-BG22-34
Vivan Ornaments

Rs. 79,429

Embossed Filigree Design Wire Brushed Finish Gold Bangles-BG22-181
Vivan Ornaments

Rs. 193,477

Diamond Cut Criss Cross Design Matte Glossy Finish Gold Bangles-BG22-191
Vivan Ornaments

Rs. 125,905

Embossed Floral Design Traditional Gold Bangles-BG22-200
Vivan Ornaments

Rs. 141,092

Wave Fancy Design Rhodium Polish Gold Bangles-BG22-173
Vivan Ornaments

Rs. 171,944

Diamond Cut With Rhodium Polish Filigree Gold Bangles-BG22-45
Vivan Ornaments

Rs. 106,989

Diamond Cut Gold Bangles-BG22-93
Vivan Ornaments

Rs. 121,543

Diamond Cut Embossed Matte Glossy Finish Gold Bangles-BG22-197
Vivan Ornaments

Rs. 172,182

Embossed Diamond Cut Gold Bangles-BG22-90
Vivan Ornaments

Rs. 197,085

Engraved Diamond Cut Stamped Gold Bangles-BG22-104
Vivan Ornaments

Rs. 129,236

Embossed Floral Diamond Cut Matte Finish Gold Bangles-BG22-148
Vivan Ornaments

Rs. 187,410

Filigree Matte Finish Holo Gold Bangles-BG22-107
Vivan Ornaments

Rs. 135,461

Diamond Cut Filigree Design Gold Bangles-BG22-65
Vivan Ornaments

Rs. 197,323

Glossy Finish Floral Engraved Diamond Cut Gold Bangles-BG22-103
Vivan Ornaments

Rs. 169,406

Diamond Cut With Rhodium Polish Brushed Finish Gold Bangles-BG22-193
Vivan Ornaments

Rs. 161,554

Embossed Wave Design Gold Bangles-BG22-95
Vivan Ornaments

Rs. 249,549

Embossed Floral Diamond Cut Matte Finish Gold Bangles-BG22-132
Vivan Ornaments

Rs. 207,991

Embossed Diamond Cut Gold Bangles-BG22-83
Vivan Ornaments

Rs. 151,046

Exploring different types of bangles and ways to style them

If we Indian women had to name the most desi piece of jewellery there is, we are sure none will choose to say anything other than bangles. From the numerous Bollywood songs written about the choodi and the significance of shagun ke kangan from your mother-in-law, we know bangles hold a special place in a woman’s heart and for the right reasons. Bangles add the necessary bling to any plain outfit and make it go from a zero to a ten! But how much ever bangles are considered to be desi, they are no less than any other modern piece of jewellery. 

No matter what the occasion is, bangles for women can never go wrong. They are a must-have in every woman’s jewellery box and are the most versatile piece of jewellery there is. Bangles play an important role in the traditional bridal jewellery. No bridal outfit is complete with beautiful bangles set. They are just good to sport with every day ethnic look and can also be styled with a western outfit without going over the top. Let us have a look at different types of bangles that will never fail to fascinate you.

At eJOHRI we Offers latest Collection of Style & Types of Bangles.

Gold bangles

Gold is an investment but it is always smart to turn it into a fashion statement. Gold bangles design can be traditional as well as modern. They come in intricate designs to wear on your wedding day or to adorn with your festive look. Indian traditions include gifting gold bangles to the bride on her wedding day. A beautiful gold mangalsutra, gold necklace or gold earrings along with the gold bangles set can be the best gift for a bride. You can always match similar designs of gold pendant, gold earrings and gold bangles to make a perfect gold jewellery set. But gold bangles are not just limited to the traditional looks. Gold toggle bangles look great with western outfits and can be worn as your everyday jewellery. They come in not-so-heavy designs and can also be sported with your office look. Gold bangles come in various designs. Shop for gold bangles online to choose from the best designs available with just a few clicks.

Diamond bangles

If you are not a very big fan of gold jewellery, you can always go for the diamonds! Diamonds are really a woman’s best friends and hence can never disappoint any lady. Like any other traditional diamond jewellery, diamond bangles give you an elegant look. Bangles studded with diamonds can do wonders with a beautiful sari or gown for a reception party, solitaire rings acts as a cherry on the cake! Cuff-style bangles with a few details of diamond look great with western outfits. You can also stack your traditional wedding chooda with different styles of diamond bangles. We offer more than 160 unique designs of diamond bangles from different jewelers across India. 

Silver bangles

Silver bangles lie amongst the most versatile accessories for women. Bangles in the silver metal go along with any kind of outfit. Experiment and style silver bangles with different outfits to get the desired look. Silver bangles can never fail to give you the bohemian look as well as the classy ethnic look. Silver Nose rings and bangles styled with a beautiful handloom sari will give you the perfect ethnic look.

Gemstone studded bangles

A gemstone studded in any piece of jewellery instantly changes its look. It gives the jewellery a unique touch. They can range from the most extravagant to gorgeously minimalistic designs. Gemstones studded in intricate designs of gold and diamond bangles can make a statement. This fusion of gemstones with gold jewellery and diamond jewellery is to die for. You can also find various jewellery earrings on our site to match your favourite gemstone studded bangles.

Bangles come in variety of different categories and designs. These different styles of break the misconception of bangles being suitable jewellery piece only with certain Indian outfits. From the extravagant designs of gold bangles to the minimalistic bangles studded with gemstones, bangles can be adorned with any kind of outfit. Be it your office look with toggle bangles or a festive look with the gold ones, bangles can never go wrong.

At our online jewellery site, we bring together the various designs of earrings, necklaces, rings, bangles and various jewellery sets online for you to choose from the best. Visit our site to explore wonderful jewellery collections by different stores across India without leaving your humble abode.

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