1616 Designs

Glossy Finish Floral Circle Design Gold Earrings Glossy Finish Floral Circle Design Gold Earrings
P.N.Gadgil Jewellers

Rs. 12,523 Rs. 13,196

Glossy Finish Diamond Cut Gold Button Earrings-TO211856
D P Jewellers (Indore)

Rs. 15,050

Multicolour Enamel Floral Design Gold Earrings - 3TP1077
Alankar Jewellers

Rs. 24,055

Enamel Peacock Design Drop Gold Ball Jhumki Earring-ET5346
Ranka Jewellers

Rs. 37,527

Diamond Cut Curved Grapes Gold Earrings - 51LA1680
Alankar Jewellers

Rs. 17,488

Matte Finish Embossed Gold Ball Floral Jhumki Earring - GJH123 Matte Finish Embossed Gold Ball Floral Jhumki Earring - GJH123
Saheli Jewellers

Rs. 36,635

Diamond Cut Square Drop Ball Earring - 142-104497
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 15,936

Floral Drop Pearl Long Needle Earring - 142-110024
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 15,448

Glossy Finish Floral Gold Earring-TP12536
Maniram Ji Jewellers

Rs. 8,018

Diamond Cut Bali Earring - 142-109519
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 12,366

22kt Gold Studded With CZ Huggie Design Earrings-13-A3131
Shiv Shubham Jewellers

Rs. 22,796 Rs. 23,841

Glossy Finish Diamond Cut Dangler Hoop Design With Studded CZ Gold Earrings
Paliwal Jewellers

Rs. 9,328

Peacock Design Gold Top Earrings-70104004 Peacock Design Gold Top Earrings-70104004
Mahendra Jewellers

Rs. 10,012

Glossy Diamonmd Cut Drop Gold Ball Jhumki Earring  - TP8169 Glossy Diamonmd Cut Drop Gold Ball Jhumki Earring  - TP8169
Maniram Ji Jewellers

Rs. 14,704

Matte Diamond Cut Drop Heart Enamel Gold Earrings - 51LA804
Alankar Jewellers

Rs. 8,994

Diamond Cut Drop Floral Heart Bali Earring - 142-104501
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 15,786

Glossy Finish Diamond Cut Hoop Ball Hoop Design Gold Earrings
Paliwal Jewellers

Rs. 7,046

Gold Embossed Diamond Cut Gold Earrings - 11-A1250 Gold Embossed Diamond Cut Gold Earrings - 11-A1250
Rajwant The Palace Of Jewels

Rs. 25,378

Glossy Finish Honey Comb Drop Design Gold Earrings Glossy Finish Honey Comb Drop Design Gold Earrings
P.N.Gadgil Jewellers

Rs. 9,860 Rs. 10,390

Embossed Spiral Multicolour Enamel Floral Gold Earrings - 3LA1429
Alankar Jewellers

Rs. 14,633

Matte Glossy Finish Mulitcolour Enamel Floral Jhumki Gold Earring - GJH126 Matte Glossy Finish Mulitcolour Enamel Floral Jhumki Gold Earring - GJH126
Saheli Jewellers

Rs. 19,943

Matte Glossy Finish Curved Leafy DesignGold Earrings-TO216324
D P Jewellers (Indore)

Rs. 13,094

Gold Embossed Floral Design Earrings-70116305 Gold Embossed Floral Design Earrings-70116305
Mahendra Jewellers

Rs. 15,463

Glossy Finish Droopy Design Studded With Synthetic Colour Stone Stud Gold Earrings
P.N.Gadgil Jewellers

Rs. 9,867 Rs. 10,397

Earrings – Elegance comes in a Pair

A woman’s jewellery box will always be brimming with beauty in there but the one thing you will always find is a stunning pair of earrings of every kind. When you don’t want to put a lot of hard work into your everyday outfit, a pair of earrings works its charm in ways unimaginable. Besides its beauty, earrings also have an interesting back story too. In ancient days, earrings were adorned with the belief of having magical healing powers and also helped cure eyesight. Not sure if it’s still true but a pair of earrings sure are a sight for the sore eyes.

Subtle yet graceful, earrings complete the look of a lady. If you want to accessorize and yet don’t want to wear heavy neckpieces then earrings will do the magic for any occasion. eJOHRI has a variety of earrings from gold beads earrings to diamond studded hangings, pear-shaped diamond earrings to pearl earrings; there are many options for a woman. It makes a perfect gift in the budget that can be gifted to a woman of any age group and can be adorned by western and traditional wear. Explore and find the pair that speaks to you and makes you look ethereal.


Gold Earrings – The Almighty of Earrings

Gold earrings are the most ethereal and valuable pair of ornament a woman can own. Trending among all ages, gold earrings have managed to maintain its buzz besides the different intricate earrings available in the market. From heavy-duty blings to pretty little trinkets, we at Ejohri have every kind of gold earrings for women, to set the right amount of sparkle to their attire. Traditional, work wear or simply an everyday adornment, find the best gold earrings online in diamond, solitaire to gemstone earrings, right here at our portal.

Diamond Earrings – Luxury and sophistication you can wear

Ever looked at something and felt a dire need to have it. Well, Diamond Earrings are that something. Its mesmerizing allure has set a benchmark no piece of ornament can match. From stud earrings, hoop earrings to Jhumkas,  diamond earrings have their imprint everywhere. Diamond Earrings can be worn everyday complimenting your office outfit or at evening parties making heads turn. It also compliments every skin tone, face shape and haircut, making it an ornament fit for everyone. Want to gift something thoughtful? Diamond earrings are perfect for any occasion. Scroll through a dazzling range of Diamond earrings for women, from long earrings to short earrings, now only at Ejohri.

Take a look at these few statement earrings now available in the market.

Jhumkas – The Ultimate Choice

With its beads hanging delicately, Jhumkas are great pair of accessory one can have. From antique gold jhumkas, silver oxidized jhumkas to pearl jhumkas, these have a rich, elegant look to it but at the same time can be the heaviest earrings. Matching every outfit, your style game will never go unnoticed with these statement Jhumkas . Make your everyday dressing up a lot more easier now with these Jhumkas.

Cluster Earrings – Smallest yet the SHINIEST!

The excellence of cluster earrings is boundless. When long earrings aren’t your thing and you have a wedding to attend that’s when clusters come in. These earrings are quick fix and can be accompanied with an anarkali dress or a lehenga choli. You will find a massive range of cluster earrings for women with stone embellishments and intricate floral, heart-shaped patterns to level up your style-o-meter.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings for women have been killing the style game ever since its first appearance in the fashion scene. On days when you cannot decide what to accessorize? Hoop earrings have proven to be the best backup. When shopping for Hoop Earrings online, you will find a variety of different hoops from long earrings to short earrings that go well with every style and personality.

Stud Earrings – When you want to ROCK your style!

Stud earrings for women have been forever evolving. Many trends came and faded with time but stud earrings have always been on top of the list. Trendy and chic, we love how these pair of stud earrings can spice up your attire with its unapologetic beauty and shine. Running late for an evening party? Pair up your gold stud earrings with your pearl ring and your favourite suit and you are good to go.  

Drop Earrings – Drop-Dead Gorgeous

Drop earrings for women have always been a blessing in disguise.  A pair of these in your essentials and you have successfully liven up to your fashion goals. Make your way up from sleek to diva by daunting these drop earrings from morning office meetings to evening clubbing plans.

Feather Earrings – Put on your feathers and fly

These are exactly the kind of feathers you need to fly. Shift your fashion game from the usual mainstream pieces and experiment with these feather earrings to try something different. It’s time to add a little drama to your look by pairing these feather earrings with your favourite Palazzo and kurti set.

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