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Maang Tikka, For Tradition that lives in you 

Are you a gorgeous Indian bride to be? If, the answer is yes then it is time to adorn a popular bridal jewellery known as Maang Tikka. When it comes to traditional jewellery available in India, this exquisitely crafted ornament is one of the most popular because it is extremely visually appealing. Worn mainly by a ‘bride’ on the forehead, this elegant piece of jewellery is to be flaunted with ‘pride’. It also essentially helps embellish her beauty for ‘D-Day’.  It is a critical component of all bridal sets, and hence must selected appropriately depending on the shape of the bride’s face. The best feature of this adornment is that, it comes in all kinds of styles and designs. In addition, there are many maang tikka designs found in the jewellery market today, of which a few popular ones include the chaand tikka, the borla, crescents, strings, and maatha patti. So, if you do intend to buy maang tikka online that too of high quality and varied range then please do visit us, and come fall in love with our exclusive maang tikka range. 

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