32 Designs

Satin Brush Polish Drop Ball Mangalsutra - 133-113977
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 55,099

Pave Set CZ Ring Mangalsutra - 133-111566
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 14,357

Diamond Cut Matte Finish Drop Heart Mangalsutra - 133-114389
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 52,807

Multi Layer Knot Drop Stone Mangalsutra - 133-59889
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 64,533

Drop Sand Blast Finish Beads Mangalsutra   - 133-109732
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 16,237

Gold Beads Drop Pendant Mangalsutra - 133-111569
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 41,081

Diamond Cut Manglasutra - 133-113994
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 31,120

Cluster Black Beads Mangalsutra - 85624
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 32,586

Drop Diamond Cut Ball Mangalsutra - 75964
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 28,001

Diamond Cut Dauli Mangalsutra - 133-104182
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 20,145

Pave Set Drop CZ Mangalsutra - 133-91942
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 24,580

Oval Beads Mangalsutra - 133-106784
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 38,299

Gold Drop Enamel Mangalsutra - 54446
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 46,154

Diamond Cut Drop Ball Two Layer Mangalsutra - 67271
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 36,570

Diamond Cut Ball Coral With Black Beads Mangalsutra - 133-105900
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 28,640

Diamond Cut Matte Finish Drop Floral Star Mangalsutra  - 133-114388
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 45,741

Diamond Cut Enamel Drop Beads Mangalsutra - 133-109741
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 44,275

Multicolour Enamel Matte Finish Embossed Mangalsutra - 133-110751
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 51,679

Drop Pendant With Enamel CZ Mangalsutra - 133-91977
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 24,580

Multicolour Drop Chain Mangalsutra - 66674
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 12,817

Pave Set CZ Diamond Cut Gold Beads Mangalasutra- 75971
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 33,564

Drop CZ With Black Stone Studded Mangalsutra - 133-111567
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 53,896

Pave Set CZ Drop Stone Gold Mangalsutra - 133-85485
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 47,733

Drop Black Beads Mangalsutra - 90852
Samdariya Abhushan Pvt. Ltd.

Rs. 32,211

Mangalsutra - Everything to know about the newly discovered fashion statement

The only piece of jewellery that can never be replaced by another is a Mangalsutra. A mangalsutra is an ornament worn by the Indian woman as a sign of her marital status. A woman wears a gold mangalsutra or a diamond mangalsutra on her wedding day for the first time ever. Every Hindu wedding includes a ceremony where the groom ties this beautiful piece of jewellery around the bride’s neck that symbolizes the union of the husband and wife. It is considered to be an auspicious thread that is the sign of love and goodwill. A mangalsutra is not only a piece of jewellery for a married Indian woman but also a pure and holy thread. The word mangalsutra comes from the combination of two Sanskrit words, mangala meaning holy and sutra meaning thread. Due to its significance in the Hindu religion, it is a strongly respected piece of jewellery.

Traditionally, the designs of all the mangalsutras were pretty much of the same kind. Two strings with black and gold beads and a pendant. But long gone are the days when everybody wore similar mangalsutras apart from it being a holy thread for married women. Today, it is more than that! Mangalsutras have transformed and for good. The new mangalsutra designs are now making a fashion statement with the same old auspiciousness. However, it is not easy to find and choose a perfect mangalsutra. eJOHRI has made it easy for you. It has brought together more than 550 beautiful and unique mangalsutra designs from various brands in different cities across India on a single platform. It allows you to find and choose your unique mangalsutra design without missing even one. The number of options for you to compare and choose on eJOHRI will leave you surprised. The tons of unique and striking designs of the latest mangalsutra designs that are available are worth looking at.

Let’s have a look at some styles of mangalsutra:

  • Gold mangalsutra

The traditional gold mangalsutra have always topped the list of the longest living style of 22k & 24k gold mangalsutras and they’ll never drop. EJOHRI curates a large number of ethnic and classy designs of gold mangalsutras to choose from. It gives you more than 350 options ranging from Rs.7000 to Rs.3.5 lakhs with all kinds of styles.

  • Diamond mangalsutra

The sparkling diamond mangalsutra have been the most-loved and versatile piece of jewellery for women. Long or short, big or small, they seem to suit every occasion and can be worn with any outfit. With more than 30 designs of mangalsutras from different jewelers, eJOHRI gives a wide variety of styles to choose from.

  • Pendant mangalsutra

However, there is always a unique and modern touch to give. If the gold and diamond mangalsutras are too traditional and ethnic for you, you can always go for a pendant mangalsutra. Wearing a pendant mangalsutra is a stylish and modern way of sporting the thread of love. This pattern includes a fashionable gold or diamond pendant set in a thread with black or gold beads. You can also complete the pendant set with a pair of sparkling gold earrings. Gold earrings can never go wrong. Put the versatility of gold earrings for women to use for a modern yet traditional look.

It is also very important to sport an appropriate mangalsutra according to the occasion. Weddings are one of those important occasions to adorn the latest mangalsutra designs. It is not very difficult to find one that will give you the perfect traditional Indian married look.

Not just the gold, diamond and pendants include the perfect mangalsutras. There are a lot of other options for you to make a statement. You can always go for kundan mangalsutra online. Kundan jewellery gives one a very royal look and never goes out of style. Gemstone mangalsutras too can do wonders. It gives you a very elegant and different look. If you are looking for something that looks as beautiful as diamonds but on a budget, cubic zircona mangalsutras are the ones to go for. They can be a good substitute for diamonds without compromising on the look you wish for.

The style statement that a mangalsutra can make is quite underrated. Today, women have a wide variety of styles to select the perfect mangalsutra designs for different occasions. From long mangalsutra designs to the short ones, from classic designs to contemporary ones, eJOHRI makes your hunt for the perfect Mangalsutra worth the while.

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