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Jewellery that is classy yet modern, elegant yet innovative and of course makes one envious is the dream. A pendant is the most sorted jewellery item providing both comfort and convenience together to the wearer. At eJOHRI, you will find a wide range of pendant designs available in gold, platinum, silver, gemstones and solitaires in every price range that will make your day special. eJOHRI helps you personalize your pendant as per your requirements and can also help you choose casualjewellery and pendants or jewellery with initials. Do check our wide range of collection finely crafted for you.

Who doesn’t love Pendants! If we dug into a woman’s jewellery box, there is no denying it will be stocked up with nothing but Pendants. Be it a grand occasion or a casual get-together, pendants are a great accessory to carry around and amp up the oomph factor of any outfit. Available in various sizes, patterns, designs and metals, pendants defines and enhances a women’s persona. We believe there is one pendant for every woman out there!.

Types of Pendants

Gold Pendants: For the ones who stay in touch with their roots

Gold Pendants top the list of good accessorizing with its evergreen appeal and mesmerizing shine. They manage to mesh with any outfits from traditional to casual everyday look. An evolving range of gold pendants designs has added to its popularity and demand in the market. Want to stay comfortable but regal? Gold Pendant design are a sure thing! A vast variety of these stylish Gold Pendants have been assembled to make your jewellery shopping hassle-free!

Diamond Pendants: For the ones who like to stand out!

Timeless, Distinctive & Beautiful – the perfect words to describe the perfect stone. Diamond Pendants are the perfect epitome of luxury and style and everything lavish. The captivating charm of these Diamond pendants can make any look from wedding attire, office formals to everyday casuals effortlessly elegant. A comprehensive range of Diamond Pendants are waiting to be in your shopping carts. Grab them while it lasts!

Gemstone Pendants: For the ones who like to play with colors!

Make your outfit a complete stunner with a colorful embrace. From emeralds, ruby, yellow sapphire to Hessonite, every gemstone pendants is adorned for astrological purpose and conveys a message. For example, ruby signifies love; sapphire signifies loyalty & emerald means faithfulness. The vivid appearance and the unapologetic sparkly exterior is all you need to make your casual look eye-catching. Get a massive range of gemstones designs collated, only to suit your mood and style just the way you like it.

Solitaire Pendants: For the ones who outshine!

If you are a collector of Pendants, then you need to stock these up right away. No woman can resist the subtle and soft sparkle of a solitaire pendant. Adorn this beauty with your evening gown & feel like a complete princess of your own fairytale. You can opt for your kind from a broad range of solitaire pendant designs, now made available for you at Ejohri. It’s time to make an addition to your collection and make a striking fashion statement that would make heads turn.

Platinum Pendants: For the ones who keep their promises!

While hunting for the “one”, if you are looking for something very basic yet bold? Platinum is the word. Trust us when we say this, Platinum Pendants defines luxury. They are considered as thoughtful gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and weddings! Make it your everyday essential and throw major fashion goals like confetti with the adornment of these platinum pendants. Get pampered with choices with our versatile range of platinum pendant designs.

Silver Pendants: For the one who sees the world in glittering grey!

You might not need a silver spoon to eat good food but you do need a silver pendant to make a great impression. High on glamour quotient and low on price, these silver pendants make any outfit worth flaunting. It compliments soft colors, so a pastel colored kurti with a silver heart-shaped pendant will easily blend together making everyday chic look stand out.

Cubic Zirconia Pendants: For the ones who make heads turn!

Usually misinterpreted as a Diamond stone, Cubic Zirconia is beautiful in its own way. A cubic zirconia pendant can be a great substitute to a diamond pendant that also fits your budget. Gift yourself this beautiful replica of diamond pendants from Ejohri and get showered with praises all the time.

Polki Pendants: For the ones who like a touch of regality

These pendants are so beautiful; heart skips a beat at its beauty. The beautiful elaborate designs of polki pendants remind us of the Mughal era. Pick these Polki pendants for a royal feel to your ethnic wear and take minimalism to a whole new level with these beauties. Find trendy and traditional styles of Polki Pendants in our collection.

Explore a wide range of pendants of every design, theme and style online, now at Ejohri.

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