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Customers Feed Back
  1. Aparna Rane –Now, I have the perfect jewellery which I have always desired. “TRY YOUR FAVOURITE JEWELLERY” was a very nice experience which has given me better options for the jewellery.
  2. Payal Jain – I am really stunned by such wonderful designs given to me here. I was really in several states of mind while purchasing the jewellery for the upcoming occasion which is around the corner. However, visiting eJOHRI site has really benefitted me with “TRY YOUR FAVOURITE JEWELLERY “options by giving the right direction for getting the jewellery which I want.
  3. Abhishek Nadar– Visiting eJOHRI has provided me with some of the very nice options of jewellery to me which I was really thinking of since a few months back. I had looked up many of the jewellery designs. However, it was difficult for me to make the perfect choice for jewellery to buy. Finally, Ejohri with “TRY YOUR FAVOURITE JEWELLERY “ has given me many of the options for buying the jewellery which I had desired.
  4. Darshana Zaveri – We are really glad to have nice jewellery now just because of eJOHRI website. As there was a marriage of our close relative, I was just looking for jewellery which can suit me and fit in my budget. Now I have purchased fabulous jewellery. Thanks for the “TRY YOUR FAVOURITE JEWELLERY “ at eJOHRI website for guiding me to get better jewellery.